Professional Accounting


Skyline is an accounting and financial advisory firm, offering a wide variety of services to our valued
clients. Here is a summary of some of the services offered by Skyline CPA.


Compilation engagements
Although your accounting systems will provide you detailed reports about your business; you might need assistance in summarizing this information to make business decisions. We can summarize and compile this information into a professionally prepared financial statement. Review engagements
Financial institutions, creditors or potential investors may require a level of assurance on your
financial statements. We can help, by performing a review engagement on your financial statements. In a review engagement, we assess the financial statement through enquiry and discussion and provide moderate assurance that your financial statements are presented in accordance with applicable financial reporting standard.


At Skyline, we believe in tax advise that is proactive, not reactive. We will ensure to minimize your current and future tax liabilities. Following are some of the tax services offered at Skyline:

  • Personal tax, corporate tax and partnership return
  • Income tax planning, corporate ownership structures and corporate restructuring
  • Advise on tax implications on transactions
  • Sale of the corporation and capital gain exemptions